kathryn davé

I’m a writer, thinker, wife, and mother. Each part of my work informs the rest, for the better of all.



I'm an experienced, ever-curious writer with a background in advertising/strategy, as well as food and culture journalism. I've done the traditional (brand positioning, broadcast, etc.) and the non-traditional (documentary making, short fiction, shadowing Michelin-starred chefs) for brands that include Le Creuset, Blackberry Farm, BMW, Wells Fargo, and Michelin. My interest—for both advertising and editorial work—lies in unspooling the story I’m given to find the story worth telling. On the side, I collaborate with my husband Jivan Davé in a small food photography and styling studio. 

I live in Greenville, SC with Jivan and our two little boys. I like late afternoon sunlight, natural wine, hot baths, and toast with good, salted butter. Oxford comma forever.

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